Drawn To The Flame

Episode 216: Think on your Feet XXIX

June 17, 2021

Join Frank for Think on your Feet XXIX, in which he starts a new campaign. The investigator: Padre Mateo Castile. The campaign: Return to the Forgotten Age. The prospects: blessedly bleak. 

In Think on your Feet episodes, a live play series of Arkham Horror: The Card Game, I endeavour not to edit much at all. Sometimes I cut some shuffling sounds or abbreviate some of my longer pauses (a chap's got to think!), but otherwise, it's uncut, unaltered and meant to feel like you're with me at the table. There may be mistakes and misplays, but hopefully some successes too.

0 prologue
2 intro
4.40 scenario 1 prep
9.35 scenario 1 opening hand and gameplay starts
52.55 post-scenario chat
57.15 scenario 2 prep
1.01.15 scenario 2 opening hand and gameplay starts
1.47.20 think on our feet and post-scenario chat.

I take two tests at 1.23.00 and say '5 v 2' when really it was '6 v 2'. It doesn't make a difference, but I should've spotted it! 

Here's the first deck: CLICK ME

Here's the second deck: CLICK ME 

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